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Château de Carsac

 Dordogne, France 

Your Stay 

Finding Us 

Château-de-Carsac is located in the village of Carsac-de-Gurson, Dordogne, 24610.  You can find us on Google maps here.  For Le Château, enter the driveway at the bottom of the hill here.  For Le Chalet and La Maison du Gardien, use the entrance behind the church here.


You can download detailed driving directions for Le Chateau here, or for Le Chalet and La Maison du Gardien here


In case of an emergency you may call the following numbers from any phone:


Ambulance 15

Police 17

Fire 18

European emergency number 112

House managers 

Our house managers Bill and Jill Knowles live nearby and are available for questions or problems during your stay.  You can contact them on +33 6 02 38 31 37 (Jill) or +33 7 86 09 17 76 (Bill).



Healthcare in France is normally provided through the family doctor. You may visit any family doctor and do not need to be registered. The nearest is at Villefranche (about 2 miles away).  All the doctors speak some English. The nearest pharmacist is in also in Villefranche just by the surgery. 

Doctors Klopstein, Levato and Levato

Phone: 0553 807622


We recommend Xavier Pinault in St-Foy-la-Grande, +33 5 53 27 99 24, 63 Avenue Bordeaux, Port St Foy et Penchant.  He speaks English, and is familiar with the procedures for travelling with pets in the EU and UK. 

The House

First, please read the House Rules

Shutters, Windows and Doors

Shutters should always be fastened when open or kept shut. Please shut your windows when you go out to avoid sharing your bedroom with a swarm of bees or bats!  If you have the doors open, please secure them to avoid slamming.

Rubbish and Recycling

Please put the rubbish and recycling bins out for collection on the relevant days, you can find the collection schedule here.  The bins are collected very early in the morning, so please put them out beside the road through the village the night before the collection date.   


Rubbish  goes in black bin bags which are under the sink, these go in the green bin.  Recycling goes directly in the yellow /grey bin.  For the chateau, the bins are in the garden behind the kitchen.  For Le Chalet and La Maison du Gardien, the bins are in the small courtyard just outside the gate.


Glass: is recycled via the bottle bank.  Continue along the road via the back gate 200m towards St Martin, you will come to the old winery, take the first left just before and the bottle bins are on the right after 20m.  You can also find bottle banks on the road into Villefranche-de-Lonchat or next to the bakery in St Martin.


The toilets drain to a septic tank. Please only put toilet paper or biodegradable items down the toilet or sinks.


Please see the House Rules for pets.

Kitchen and Appliances

The ovens in all three houses are gas.  Gas is supplied from a gas bottle in the corner of the kitchen by the cooker. It will have been checked before your arrival but if you do run out, a spare is available. Please call the house managers to fit it.  In an emergency gas may be turned off by turning off valve on the top of the bottle.  


There is WiFi throughout the chateau, network name: ChateauCarsac  Password: aardvark21


In the garden you can connect to network JardinChateauCarsac, password aardvark21


In Le Chalet or La Maison du Gardien you can connect to GitesChateauCarsac, password aardvark21


The TVs in all three houses are connected to the UK Freeview system.  In the chateau there is also French cable TV (Orange).  There are DVD players, and a selection of DVDs, in Le Chateau and Le Chalet.

Sonos (Chateau guests only)

There are Sonos speakers in the kitchen, sunroom, dining room and library.  There is also a portable Sonos speaker in the office you can take onto the terrace.  Please plug it back into the charger when done.  


To connect to Sonos and play music simply install the Sonos app on your phone and connect to chateaucarsac wifi network.


There are rechargeable outdoor lamps in each of the houses.  Please recharge the lamps after using them.


The fuses and main switch are found in the utility room to the rear of the dining room in the Chateau, under the stairs in Le Chalet, and in the downstairs toilet in La Maison Du Gardien. 


Very rarely it is possible to trip the main switch because of a temporary fault.  The trip may be reset by simply turning the supply on again. If you are in any doubt or if the switch trips again contact the house manager. Please do not change the other settings on the board.


Hot water may take a few moments to come though. The exception is in the kitchen in the chateau where it is almost immediate and extremely hot.


Bath towels and hand towels are provided in each bedroom. Please do not take these outside.  Brightly coloured pool towels are also provided.

Staying Cool

The houses are well insulated and will naturally stay cool if you follow these tips. 

  • Keep doors and windows shut unless the outside is cooler than the inside. 

  • The coolest time of the day is first thing in the morning (before 9am). Early morning is a good time to open up the windows and doors and let the building breathe.

  • Keep the interior shaded by closing the window shutters (they may be latched to each other partly closed for this purpose). 


There are fans in each of the bedrooms.

Pool (Chateau guests only)

The pool has a shallow end by the steps which is 1m deep. The other end is deeper, 1.2m around the edges and 1.6m in the middle. The edges slope inwards so the pool is deeper towards the middle. The pool is not safe for diving.

The pool is heated by geothermal energy.  Please pull the bubble pool cover over the pool at night, it really does make a difference for your first swim the next morning!

There is a pool alarm which is fixed to the edge of the pool.  It is a legal requirement in France that the pool alarm is used.  The alarm monitors the surface of the water for any disturbance and will sound if something falls (or jumps!) into the pool.    


To unset the alarm enter 1234. The alarm will beep and turn off.


To set the alarm press the OK button twice. The alarm will give several short and one long beep to indicate it has set.  If the alarm gives one short beep this means the pool is still too agitated for the alarm to set, wait a few minutes and try again.  The alarm will re-set automatically if the pool is quiet for more than about 10 minutes, it will beep to warn you it has done this.


If the alarm sounds press any key to silence it.

The pool will be cleaned twice a week during your stay.  Our house managers will confirm the exact times with you when you check in.  There is a long handled net you can use to scoop out any leaves that blow into the pool in between.


Each of the houses has outdoor space, our house managers will show you where.  You are free to pick any ripe produce growing in the garden; there are herbs and fruit. 


The chateau garden has high walls with dangerous drops. Keep children away from walls and never climb or sit on them. 

Park (Chateau guests only)

The park in front of the chateau is for you to enjoy.  There are two ponds in the lower field.  They are deep (2.5m) with steep banks.  Please do not let children play unsupervised in this area. The ponds both have landing strips of stone with steps on the north banks where you may climb out if necessary.


There is also  an old hay machine in the top field, please do not climb on this or attempt to move it.


Gardeners will come to keep the grounds tidy during your stay.  We will confirm the exact times with you when you arrive.

Fires & candles

Outdoor fires are illegal during the summer months due to the high fire risk.  Please do not light fires or use candles away from the terrace.



For the chateau, there is a charcoal barbecue by the pool and a gas barbecue outside the kitchen. Underneath the charcoal barbecue are grills and implements. 


Le Chalet has a gas barbecue on the terrace, and La Maison du Gardien a charcoal barbecue on the lawn.


Please replace the charcoal as you use it and clean the barbecues after use (the grills for the charcoal barbecue will fit in the dishwasher in the chateau).  If you run out of gas for the barbecue please contact the house manager.


The nearest shops are at Villefranche and St Martin de Gurson where you will find small general stores which sell bread. Generally these are open 08:00 to 12:00 and sometimes again in the afternoon.  They can be closed some days though, so its worth checking ahead.  


There is an excellent bakery in St Martin, it is open every day except Monday.  On Mondays, Le Bureau de Saveurs in Montpon (just across the road from Intermarché) is a good option.  


The nearest supermarkets are 15 minutes away in Montpon; there is Intermarche and Lidl.  Montpon also has a range of other shops in the town centre and a market on Wednesday morning.


There is a larger LeClerc supermarket at Pineuilh about 30 minutes away.  There are also large supermarkets near Bergerac and Castillon.


Shops may be closed 12:00 to 2:00 for lunch and again on Sundays.  It’s worth checking opening hours online.

Walking to St Martin de Gurson

You can reach St Martin by a very pleasant 20 minutes walk across the fields from the chateau.  Follow the track that runs behind the church (you can access it from the road, or by following along the top of our field above the pond).  The track winds through vineyards and is marked now and again by yellow topped poles.  After about 10 minutes you’ll come to a small road, continue in the same direction for about 200 metres and you’ll see the footpath branch right from the road and skirt another vineyard (again marked by a yellow topped post).  The path then leads through a small copse, along the side of a field and to the edge of St Martin. 


The nearest small town is Villefranche-de-Lonchat which you will see on the hill about 2km to the west from the chateau.  Villefranche has a bakery, small store and a couple of local restaurants.


Take the entrance lane down through the field to the crossroads, turn right and follow this road to Villefranche. 


There is a wide range of restaurants in the towns and villages nearby, ranging from local bistros to Michelin starred restaurants.  Here is a selection of our favourites, but if you discover a new one, please let us know!  Even local restaurants get busy in summer; its best to book.

Local favourites 

Buckets Auberge, Montazeau, +33 9 83 43 14 41

A favourite with our guests, this bistro in nearby Montazeau serves a reliably tasty French menu.  Ask for a table on the terrace in summer.

La Petite France, Montpeyroux, +33 5 53 82 68 74

This small restaurant in the pretty square at Montpeyroux serves simple, well cooked bistro food with a great value daily menu formule.


Chateau Puygrenier, Villefranche-de-Lonchat,

A no-frills family restaurant just outside of Villefranche that offers tapas (book in advance) or a set menu. 


Further afield 

Clos Mirande, Montagne, +33 5 57 74 50 16,

Highly recommended in Montage-St-Emilion.  Up market menu, a garden terrace and (of course) a great wine list.

L’Envers du Decor, St Emilion, +33 5 57 74 48 31,

A top quality brasserie in St Emilion near the church. The Grand Marnier soufflé is unmissable!  Has a lovely courtyard in summer.

L’huîtrier Pie, St Emilion, +33 5 57 24 69 71,

Artfully plated, seasonal dishes in a 16th-century stone house with a tree-shaded patio.  A good choice for a special dinner.


Les Belles Perdrix, St Emilion. +33 5 57 55 38 28,

For a very special occasion, this stunning restaurant at Chateau Troplong Mondot is hard to beat.  From an aperitif on the terrace overlooking vines, through an innovative locally sourced menu to the superb wine list, everything is spectacular (the bill can be too!).  Reserve well in advance.  


L’Atelier de Candale, Chateau Candale, outside St Emilion, 05 57 24 15 45,

A restaurant set in a beautiful vineyard near St Emilion. Ask to be seated on the terrace overlooking the vines.

Le Jardin, St Emilion, +33 5 57 51 12 78,

This stylish new restaurant at Chateau Petit Faurie de Soutard serves contemporary French cuisine alongside a well-chosen wine list.  Recommended.

Le Pessaquai, Pessac, +33 5 57 47 41 04,

Enjoy Asian inspired dishes from a stylish terrace overlooking the Dordogne in the pretty village of Pessac. 


L’Imparfait, Bergerac, +33 5 53 57 47 92,

Great quality in the middle of Bergerac’s old town.  Lunch on the terrace here after wandering around Bergerac market makes for a perfect Saturday morning.


Le Vin'Quatre, Bergerac, +33 5 53 22 37 26, 

Small but perfectly formed, Le Vingt Quatre serves modern French food and a warm welcome.  It’s both tiny and popular, so definitely book ahead.


Bistro Maritime, Libourne, +33 5 57 51 66 77,

A newly opened bistro overlooking the river in Libourne, the terrace is a great sunset spot.


Famille Moutiers, Thenac, +33 5 53 57 92 41

The perfect Perigourdine feast! An all inclusive menu including local wines and a cheese board.  Reserve at least 24hrs in advance.

05 53 57 92 41


Many local towns have morning markets, you can find a list here.  We especially recommend the markets in Bergerac and St Foy la Grande on Saturday, St Seurin-sur-L'isle and Libourne on Sunday, and Eymet on Thursday.  There is a less picturesque, but useful, market in Montpon on Wednesday.  Markets get going quite early, it's best to be there by 10am.  While more and more vendors accept card payments, many are still cash only.

Local villages hold night markets (sometimes called Marché Nocturne or Marché Gourmand) throughout the summer.  Buy food and wine from the stalls and sit in the town square eating and enjoying music and entertainment.  Don’t forget to take picnic plates, cutlery and wine glasses.  Through July and August there’s a night market every Friday evening in Villefranche, and every Tuesday evening in Le Pizou.  Look out for posters for other nearby night markets during your stay, or check this handy website (usually updated a couple of weeks in advance)

Also lookout for local brocantes (antique markets) or vide greniers (literally "empty attic" , like a car boot sale).

Days out

Start by checking out our region, there are lots of ideas for things to do.  Here are some useful websites for more information 


For things going on in Bordeaux and the surrounding region

For the Dordogne valley and Perigord

For St Emilion

For the Atlantic Coast

There are many great cycle routes around the Chateau.  To rent a bike, will deliver bikes (including children’s bikes) and helmets to the Chateau.  There are  local routes for cyclists on the Strava app. 

You can start kayak or paddle boarding trips on the Dordogne from St Foy Le Grande or Pessac

Discover the wines of Bergerac, including a picnic lunch, with a tour organised by Dordogne Vineyard Tours

When you leave 

Please leave the houses clean and tidy when you leave.  Here's a quick checklist to follow:   

Rubbish should be thrown out.

Bottles taken to the bottle bank.

Kitchen is clean and tidy, everything put away where it came from.

Cooker is clean.

Toys and garden games are sorted and put away.

Bathrooms and loos are tidy.

Books and maps are returned.

Please let us know if you have accidentally broken, torn, stained or damaged anything during your stay please.  It saves us time and allows us to get things fixed quickly. 

Anything else

If you need any more information, or you think anything is missing from this guide, please just let us know.   

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